Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Gaming Progress Report - March 12, 2014

Shining Ark:

Still chugging through Shining Ark! I just made it to Chapter 4 yesterday, and while I still adore the art style I'm beginning to lose my interest in the game. The battles are really, really short and have massive chunks of text both before and after them, and it's really not doing much to hold my attention. That said, the ship battles are pretty great and I wish they happened more often. Having to balance using the cannons while fighting enemies off your deck is tense and these fights were the only point I even came anywhere close to dying.

The game keeps throwing new characters at me that are essentially inferior to the ones I have in every way. I rotate them around for variety but elf chick and dog dude are miles more useful than the others.

Lost Planet:

So, this game. I've been wanting to play this since it was first announced for PS3 back in the day, it looked like a fairly cool 3rd person shooter, which I'm definitely into. The reality, however, is that the game is just kinda boring. Rather than a well scripted 3rd person action game with fun gameplay it's ended up being something of a slow, monotonous slog from the start of a mission to the irritating but easy boss battle at the end.

At the very least the game still looks great despite being several years old, and while the boss battles are kind of lame, they're still great to look at. Plus, the game has giant robots, and I'm pretty sure everyone knows how I feel about those.

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