Friday, 14 March 2014

Backloggery - For The OCD Gamer

If you're like me (and you probably aren't), you play way too many video games and over the years forget which ones you have or haven't completed. In ye olden days I used to keep a spreadsheet with all the games I'd beaten and when saved on my computer at all times, but this is the year 2014 so I'm here to bring you THIS:

The front page, where you can see the most recently updated backlogs

The main page of my personal backlog

As you can see, the Backloggery is a site where completionists can list all the games they've played or beaten over the years and show them off to friends. The site allows for showing the number of achievements in a game you've beaten, listing DLC, adding small reviews and notes and more. There's also a friend system where the right side of your main page is updated each time a friend updates their own backlog, and this is great for keeping up on what your friends are playing or how far along they are in a particular game.

So yeah, give it a try if you're as anal about keeping track of what you've done as I am, and feel free to add me while you're at it! My Backlog can be found here:

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