Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Final Fantasy Type-0 Translation - Release Date Announcement


So for the longest time now I've been following the fan translation project of Final Fantasy Type-0, salivating at the thought of play a new Final Fantasy game that doesn't belong to the awful XIII sub-series. Generally I would check the most active forums that handle that sort of stuff once a week, and imagine my surprise when I check a day or two ago to find a dozen new pages of jubilant and raving people going on about a supposed release date. The supposed date is August 18th of this year, though I wouldn't be surprised if it changed as these things often do. Many people were happy to have a concrete timeframe, but just as many were irrationally angry that the game wasn't being released much sooner given that it's currently being beta tested. Personally I can wait, and I'm glad to no longer have to check those websites all the time, but it will be tough to stay patient given how much I've been wanting to play this.

Here's the teaser trailer that the translation team released, and yes, I plan to do a playthrough of this the moment it gets released.

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