Friday, 4 April 2014

GameMiner - Yet Another Giveaway Site, Courtesy Of Our Russian Friends

I'm sure you guys must be getting tired of all these giveaway site updates, but given how busy I've been I figured any update was better than none, right? Anyway, yes, it's another one of these with a Russian twist. The premise is the same where you accumulate points over time which you can then spend to enter giveaways, but I've noticed people put up a lot of giveaways for 0 points, which is pretty cool.

Now, I'm not sure sure but you may need an invitation to join this one. If that's the case you can just float me a message on youtube, google+ or backloggery and I can send you an invite no problem. You can find the GameMiner website over here: GameMiner - Win Steam Games or Contribute to the Community

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